Rappido 8 in 1 Multi Blender

Rappido 8 in 1 Multi Blender



Rapido is an ultra-compact, ultra-fast kitchen miracle-worker that does any processing task in 10 seconds or less!

Its super-slim design means you can keep it on your counter top and use it for all kinds of daily food-prep tasks. With just one touch you can chop, blend, mix, puree, whip, grind, grate, juice and more. You can do everything from chopping garlic and herbs to mixing milkshakes and mojitos.

Rapido comes in an incredible 21- piece set, complete with serving cups and storage lids, so you can serve, save, store and even re-heat all in the same container! Whether you’re making salsa or smoothies, baby food or biscuits, cocktails or coffee, making meals and drinks doesn’t get much easier than Rapido!

Set includes:

  • Power Base
  • Cross Blade
  • Flat Blade
  • 500ml Tall Cup
  • 300ml Short Cup
  • 4 Serving Cups with Cup Tops
  • 2 Stay-Fresh Storage Tops
  • 1,250ml Blender Jug & Lid (750ml operating capacity)
  • Juice Extractor & Plunger
  • Shaker Tops
  • Steamer Tops
  • Recipe Guide