Renuee (Post-Pregnancy Restructuring Gel)

Renuee (Post-Pregnancy Restructuring Gel)


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  • Post-Pregnancy Skin Smoothing Gel.
  • Fades and gradually eliminates stretch marks.

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Stretch marks are a common problem among women. They are the result of tears in the skin's elastic fibers, which happens mainly during pregnancy. It is very important to keep skin hydrated to reduce the appearance of stretch marks on the tip layer of skin.

The ETERNELLE PHARMA RENUEE moisturizing and smoothing gel has been formulated with REESTRUCTIL microcapsules, which is a hydrating natural ingredient that helps smooth skin and promotes the appearance of tight, supple skin. It contains ingredients that help hydrate and moisturize collagen which contributes to the appearance of firm skin especially skin that has been stretched excessively, as occurs during pregnancy.


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