6-Way Multi-Function Manual Treadmill

6-Way Multi-Function Manual Treadmill


6 Way Manual Treadmill (KL9919)

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6 Way Manual Treadmill (KL9919)

Treadmill KL - 9919 is a dedicated machine for a full body workout, helps create firmness to the abdomen, hips, waist, thighs and calves. Moreover, the machine has a small workout area, narrow and can be folded when not in use so it is suitable for domestic use. Take regular exercise with KL - 9919, you will quickly figure ownership dreams.


  • Multifunction

KL - 9919 SP is a dedicated machine full body workout, walking function, belly bend, push, twist waist, pull the hand and body massage, helps create firmness to the abdomen, hips, waist , thigh and calf.

  • Integrated clock

Equipped with clock display parameters: speed, time, distance, calories, helps you easily track the volume of exercise and energy consumption.

  • It can be folded

It has a small exercise area and narrow, can be folded neatly when not in use should be very comfortable, suitable for use in family and personal.


  • Easy to move

Fully integrated power assist wheels for sure, you can gently move the machine from corner to another corner.

a. Voltage: 220V (50 / 60HZ) 
b. The area of ​​ice run: 1110 x 300mm 
c. Size of machine: 150 x 60 x 138cm
d. Weight: 44kg
e. The collective weight: 80kg

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